Machining & Fabrication

The machine and fabrication shops are clustered under one building and comprise five workshops; metal cutting shop, metal forming and joining (welding) shop, spray painting and assembly shop, and metrology laboratory.

The workshops have the following capabilities:

• Machining (turning, milling, boring, drilling) of intricate parts of different materials.

• Cutting gears of different sizes (diameters and modules).

• Bending, rolling and forming metals of different sizes.

• Welding metals using; arc welding, MIG (CO2) welding, oxy –acetylene welding

• Panel beating of heavily damaged vehicles and equipment.

• Lathe machines with bigger “centre to centre and swing over bed” capacity.

• Vertical lathe machines.

• Copy lathe machines.

• CNC lathe machines.

• Six spindle lathe machines.

• Conventional milling machines and Milling centres

Metal Cutting (boring) Process