TATC is a government Research institution established on the 14th December 1985, under a Presidential Order.

TATC was established with a purpose to have a Centre of Excellence to advance Automotive Technology innovations in Tanzania.

In order to implement Government’s aspirations, it was decided to use automotive technology which at that time was seen to play a significant role in the economies of most developed countries.

A decision was therefore made to develop an indigenous vehicle which was named NYUMBU (the Kiswahili word for Wilder beast) , and which was to be used as a medium for the automotive technology transfer process.

The idea of establishing the Centre was conceived in the1970s and developed to fruition in the 1980s, through appropriate international technology transfer arrangements facilitated through professional and industrial training.

This project was spear headed by our Father of the nation, the late MWALIMU JULIUS KAMBARAGE NYERERE..